Collection of Prose Poems; “The Song of Leaves”

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2024     |     PP. 23-89      |     PDF (333 K)    |     Pub. Date: March 5, 2024
DOI: 10.54647/sociology841270    30 Downloads     105604 Views  


Shohreh Haji Mola Hosein, PhD of English Literature, Department of English Language & Literature, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

The first collection of prose poem, “The Song of Leaves”, breaks the borders of reality and fantasy to demonstrate inseparable relationships of humans and the other species in the planet of the earth. Utilizing literary tropes, collection narrates stories of species, human emotions, needs, and awareness evolved in close connection with the natural world. Social defects, universal devastation, and cultural mistakes are hidden under the skin of poems. The purpose of this collection is to reveal common cultural themes among the East and the West of the world and remind the readers forgotten values of the natural world and people thrown away to the margins. Undermining social political engines which serve economic monsters, the collection follows the criteria of social ecological reformations, dreaming a world as it might have been not as it is.

The Earth, Social Defects, Cultural Mistakes, Universal Devastation, Social Ecological Reformation

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[ 1 ] Neyshabur: It is the second largest city of Khorasan Province in Iran.
[ 2 ] Setar: It is a kind of lute in Iranian music.
[ 3 ] Prince Garden: It is a Persian garden in Kerman state in the east of Iran.
[ 4 ] Samaa Dancing: It is a Persian dance named Whirling Dervishes. people dance and praise God.
[ 5 ] Sepandarmaz: It is the symbol of Persian Mother Earth, fertility, love, friendship, and femininity.
[ 6 ] Crazy River: It is a river in the north west of Tehran. It comes from Alborz mountains and passes by the orchards of villages including Kan. It is called Crazy River by local people because it rises unexpectedly.
[ 7 ] Ramsar: It is a city in the North of Iran.
[ 8 ] Alborz: It is a province in Iran. It is also the name of the range of Alborz in Iran.
[ 9 ] Mi-ran: Feminine South Korean Name
[ 10 ] Violet: It is a flower symbolizing love and resistance in Persian culture.
[ 11 ] Falafel: It is an Asian peppery food.
[ 12 ] Hyrcanian Jungles: Ancient jungles in the North of Iran.
[ 13 ] Khalkhal: Khalkhal county is in the south of Ardabil Province in the north west of Iran.
[ 14 ] Kemeralti : It is the most substantial mall of Izmir in Turkey
[ 15 ] Ouzel: A kind of bird
[ 16 ] Hoopoe: It is a bird signifying wisdom in Persian literature.
[ 17 ] Soroush: An angle who is the agent of inspiration of poem in Persian literature. Soroush is the muse of poetry and agent of Ahoora Mazda (God). Angles may have feminine or masculine appearance but they are neither female nor male in Persian belief.
[ 18 ] Mount Damavand: It is the highest peak and volcano in Iran and Western Asia.
[ 19 ] The Rudehen River: It is a river in Rudehen District, Tehran Province, Iran.
[ 20 ] Sefid-Rud River: ‘white river’ is a river rising in the range of Alborz Mountain and flowing northeast to the Caspian Sea.
[ 21 ] Rafsanjan: It is a city in Kerman Province in east of Iran.
[ 22 ] The Wyming Brook: A brook in the city of Sheffield, England
[ 23 ] Rivelin Valley: A beautiful woodland in Sheffield
[ 24 ] The Bristol Bridge: one of the most spectacular bridges in England.
[ 25 ] Crossbill: It is a link of finch.
[ 26 ] Osprey: It is a bird which catches fish.
[ 27 ] The Great Skutas: It is a large seabird breeding on coastal areas.
[ 28 ] VanDusen Botanical: It is a beautiful garden in Vancouver, Canada.
[ 29 ] Shirkooh: Lion shape mountain in the center of Iran.
[ 30 ] Stag: Male deer, symbol of freedom and wildness of the natural world.
[ 31 ] Whooper Swan: It is a swan in Scotland, Northern England, and East Anglia.
[ 32 ] Parnassus: It is a grass with white flowers known as bog star in Scotland.
[ 33 ] Native Bluebell: It is an Australian wild flower attracting butterflies.
[ 34 ] Laughing Dove: It is a small pigeon in Western Australia.
[ 35 ] Common Wallaroo: It is a nocturnal mammal in Western Australia
[ 36 ] Western Rosella: It is a species of parrot in Western Australia
[ 37 ] Western Corella: It is a species of cockatoo in south-western Australia.
[ 38 ] Silvereye: It is small bird in the south-west pacific. It is called white-eye in Australia and New Zealand.
[ 39 ] Blue Jay: It is an awesome songbird known for its family dependency.
[ 40 ] Pied Cormorant: It is a bird with large webbed feet and hooked bill in the wet lands and coasts of Australia
[ 41 ] Luscinia: It is a kind of nightingale in England.
[ 42 ] Sutton Wood: It is the East Riding of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.
[ 43 ] The Severn: It is a river in England and Wales. It follows southward to the Atlantic Ocean.
[ 44 ] Cotswold: It is an area in the central -southwest of England
[ 45 ] Eight Pointed arts: the landmark of Persian art such as tile and ceiling designs in palaces and mosques.